Posted by Shell at 4:49 pm

Between manic updates to the projects & layout on this blog, I managed to spend some ‘quality time’ (not pulling out hair) re-organising the broken the middle of “Falling”. It’s funny, I’ve never written anything with such a distinct beat before, so when I actually have to nail my poor protagonist down for while (so to speak) it feels a little jarring. Deliberately, of course. It remains to be seen if I can actually put those pages together as it’s quite tough stuff to write. I’m not sure I want to spend too much time exploring those dark corners.

Ah well. Meanwhile, imaginary robots! Angels! Monsters eating the coast! And not-zombies!

Posted by Shell at 1:45 pm

It seem the cat is out of the bag now, so I can mention this in more detail here.

Sirin and I will be reviewing the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year for the excellant Edinburgh Spotlight site. We’ll also be writing slightly more in-depth film reviews over at our new film blog, End Titles. This is a little experimental as we’ve not really tried our hand at reviewing before…

My first preview article for EIFF can be found here at Edinburgh Spotlight.