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Are you struggling to get your Mac iCal calendars to sync with iCloud?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the MobileMe > iCloud transfer of calendars works all of the time. There’s little documentation on at Apple.com to assist if it doesn’t work, but it’s fairly simple to perform manually. Below is how I re-imported my calendars – requiring you to have gone through the iCloud setup process first. If you skipped the setup of your iCloud account, you can trigger this again through OSX’s System Preferences (there’s a new iCloud applet in there).

  1. From iCal, export each of your calendars as .ics files from the File menu. Stick the files on your desktop for easy access.
  2. You’ll notice that you have a couple of extra calendars in iCal that belong to iCloud. You’ll need to rename these to match your old calendars, and / or create some new ones. You can do this from the file menu. Make sure when creating new Calendars that you select the iCloud option for ‘location’.
  3. Back in iCal, uncheck all of your local calendars so that they are no longer displayed – this makes it a little easier to see that you have successfully recreated your calendars in the iCloud.
  4. Now, back to the File menu and choose Import, and select one of the .ICS files. Pick the destination calendar within iCloud.
  5. Across the top of iCal you will see “Updating…”. You can check the progress by logging into iCloud.com and viewing the calendar you just created.

Your calendars should now sync correctly. You’ll probably see duplicate entries on your desktop iCal as both sets of Calendars are still active. Once you are comfortable that everything has migrated successfully, you may want to remove (or disable) the ‘local’ calendars, leaving only the iCloud calendars active. You can also delete the .ics files from your desktop as you won’t need these again.